Your meetings

I study productivity in business and how to make decisions effectively by engaging the whole team, especially the quieter ones who don’t normally say enough in meetings. I can help your by:

Running your meetings

I can help you by running your meetings for you, so you get better results from them and spend less time on them.

Help to improve

Maybe you know you need help with meetings, but don’t want somebody in to run them for you? I can help you redesign and structure your meetings so they improve. Click for more information.

Bright ideas

You want a range of ideas that will help you running your own meetings, so they’re more effective? I’ve written a book that will help you and have a number of ideas you can read right now. Click here for some bright ideas

I would like to relay our thanks for as ever, three quality sessions. There was a good structure, focus and energy and I think we now have a clear way forward including some good actions. By implementing what we discussed I am confident we can shape the CWA to deliver real value to its members

Gordon Balmer

Commercial Manager, Petrol Retailers Association

Running your meetings

Having an external person to run your important meetings will give you a better outcome from the meeting and allow you to get more involved in the content of he meeting rather than the process of running it, so you win twice!

Away days

You and your team are taking a day (or more) out to improve your firm’s performance. Let me help you create more robust decisions from more ideas and end up with less actions to take because you’re more focused than before. Let’s talk…

Board meetings

You want to make your quarterly board meetings more strategic, setting the direction and pace for the next 90 days, It’s a great time to get me to help run the meeting for you, focus on your delivery of your strategy, so you improve the firm’s long term results. Let’s talk…

Virtual meetings

Meeting virtually can save you time and a large amount of money, yet you’re worried that virtual meetings are less effective than face to face? Let me help run the meeting for you, keeping it energised and focused on delivery. Let’s talk…

Jon ran two strategy development days for me and the whole team. They were energising, engaging and we developed many useful ideas from them. All of the team really enjoyed them and contributed in them. If you’re wondering about having somebody external to manage your strategy day, I’d recommend the idea and recommend Jon.

Noelette Hanley

Chief Officer, Luton Irish Forum

There are countless ways that I can help you energise and focus your meetings so you get more from them and get more engagement from more of your team. Let’s speak about what you need to do with your meetings and take it from there.

Having a meeting run by an external facilitator is even more important when we are all meeting virtually as it’s even easier to lose the energy and whole team engagement which is essential.

Having Jon to facilitate our annual strategy and team development day has been a real success. There was a great level of team engagement and energy, the team’s buy in to the outcome was really good. I recommend any Director looking to develop their team and their strategy talk to Jon

Keith Witchell

Director, KRW Accountants Ltd

Help to improve

Maybe you don’t want an external facilitator, you just need to improve the way your meetings run. I can help in a number of ways, that might include us just having a quick chat (so pick up the phone now) or me formally working with you/ your team so you’re better equipped to run meetings that make things happen and engage everybody in the team introvert or extrovert.

Let’s talk about how a short training programme so you’re better place to implement the ideas in “Running Meetings that make things happen”, by letting me tailor them to your company’s needs.

Where are things going wrong?

If you want to improve your meetings the first step is to know what’s going “wrong”, this 3 minute quiz will help you think about that and then point you to some specific resources. The results cannot be identified to any individual. If you’re completing the exercise as part of a team who are working on your meetings, you need to enter your team code. The team code allows the results for your team to be summarised, but you cannot be identified.