Do you want your meetings to be better?

If you want to improve your meetings the first step is to know what’s going “wrong”, this 3 minute quiz will help you think about that and then point you to some specific resources. The results cannot be identified to any individual. If you’re completing the exercise as part of a team who are working on your meetings, you need to enter your team code. The team code allows the results for your team to be summarised, but you cannot be identified.

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Running your meetings

I can help you by running your meetings for you, so you get better results from them and spend less time on them.

The book

The book that’s written to help you engage your whole team, introvert and extrovert. Click for more information.

Bright ideas

You want a range of ideas that will help you running your own meetings, so they’re more effective? I’ve written a book that will help you and have a number of ideas you can read right now. Click here for some bright ideas



Setting the meeting up properly makes it more likely that everybody will engage. How well do you set up your meetings?


Some people never shut up and others never speak up? You’ve got a people problem to fix.



Are you getting the right level of discussion in the meeting, so decisions can be made – inside the time allowed?


Is anything happening as a result of your meetings? Isn’t the purpose of the meeting to make things happen?